Why Bar-B-Que(st)? Why Now?

Living in the barbecue belt isn’t always easy. With the growing number of restaurants and food trucks claiming to serve the best ‘cue, how can you be certain you’ll choose the right BBQ joint? Sure, you could ask a local—but that would certainly cause a stir. It seems like anyone and everyone has an opinion on the best restaurant or barbecue technique. Texas BBQ fans are fanatical and unyielding. They will argue passionately and endlessly for their preference from the holy trinity of Texas ‘cue: the brisket, the rib, or the sausage. Arguments about beef versus pork ribs can end friendships. And don’t even get us started on turkey.

You see, in Central Texas, BBQ fans are more loyal to a brisket purveyor than they are to their family. So, the question comes down to this: How do you choose your 'cue? Bar-B-Que(st) aims to make this decision a little simpler so you can worry a little less and eat a lot more. This website allows you to choose from multiple factors—including location, wait time, and side dishes—and then matches you with the perfect BBQ restaurant. Additional information about the restaurant’s location and rating are also provided.