About Dino

We compiled this database of dinosaurs for college students taking GEO 302D Age of Dinosaurs. We help students learn to identify the dinosaurs and the taxa they belong to using images of their skeletons and the characters that define each taxon.

What if I need to study?

You can search the dinosaurs first to learn about taxa. This index provides information on all of the dinosaurs and taxa available on our web site.

How do I test my knowledge?

First, you can view the Flash Cards of the different which will show you either one dinosaur or a group of dinosaurs. Then, you guess the taxon. Once you think you have the answer, click the answer button to see if you're correct. Once you think you are an expert, try the Quiz! you need to type the answer. Don't worry; we provide hints!

Search Dinosaurs

Do you want to learn more about each dinosaur?
Search here to learn the smallest
monophyletic taxon, image, and characters.

Taxa Flash Cards

In this deck, you're given
pictures of multiple dinosaurs.
You will guess which smallest monophyletic
group applies to all of the dinosaurs.

Taxa Quiz

In this quiz, you're given
one picture of a specific dinosaur and
have to name the smallest monophyletic
group this dinosaur belongs to.